Fizal Sarif
Web Developer

I love finding unique solutions for challenges I face, a great example of which would be the piece of paper that holds the RAM Module in my laptop in place.

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Inclusion App

Single page application to help committee members collaboratively grade applications for inclusion’s classes. Saving them the need to hassle with emailing spreadsheets and printing hundreds of applications.

Be sure to ask me more about this over coffee.

Newscaper 2.0


Google Now is great, I can swipe left on my phone's home screen and see the latest posts from blogs and news sites I follow. Sadly I need to be online to enjoy this which doesn't bode well with my offline Subway commute to work. So I decided to build an app to solve this problem for me. Allowing me to sync the latest headlines from hacker news to read offline on the train. This version is a definite improvement over 1.0 which had too many moving parts.

Since this is a Progressive Web App, feel free to add it to your home screen! No app store required on your phone!

Nideca Product Board

Nideca Investments Inc. is a large importer in my home country – Guyana. I was contracted to build them a simple website to show off their wares; part of that project entailed building a very simple web portal for their employees to log in and upload products. The main site is hosted on SquareSpace for now until they enter the bulk of their inventory via the admin panel. It's also hosted on a Digital Ocean Droplet, that was fun.

HuddleUp Messaging Inc


Landing page for the startup I'm interning at right now. It's super exciting to own a project in a full engineering setting!


RGB Invaders


Putting a personal mathematical twist on the classic space invaders I loved growing up. As you kill the invaders, their respective colors would increment the comparable colorbar/meter. Try as best you can to match the goal color that is randomly generated, or just best your last score.

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